The 500 Million USD worth Natural and Organic Products Market Enters World Markets via Exponatura

Demand for natural and organic product increases everyday all across the world and especially in developed countries. Natural and organic products ranging from food to cosmetics and from herbal treatment products to tooth cleaning napkins for babies, are the first choice of consumers now. As public reaction to GDO containing products increases in the world, number of producers and total production area for natural and organic products has been growing parallel to the growth in demand for these products. While there are over 60 thousand producers in the 500 million USD worth natural and organic products market, export level is around 400 million USD. Exponatura’16, which is the biggest international exhibition of this sector, which has been growing steadily, will be held with this year’s theme of “Honey Year” at Istanbul Fuar Merkezi between 3-6 November 2016. Exponatura’16 aims to increase awareness about the constantly growing sector and to contribute to global economy by bringing together exhibitors from Turkey and the world and professional visitors.

At Exponatura which is organized for the 8th time by Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık, a variety of product groups including natural and organic food products, beverages, diabetic products. Herbal medicines, vitamins and herbal cosmetics as well organic honey varieties and other apiculture products, as part of the “Honey Year” concept will be showcased. The exhibition will bring together professionals from different areas of the sector and a variety of companies and organizations including food producers and retailers, natural product producers and importers, pharmacies, natural product stores, farm product stores, organic product buyers, health product markets, cosmetics markets, health centers, beauty salons, raw material producers and buyers, distributors, importers and exporters, weight-loss centers and food wholesalers.

 Natural and Organic Products Market Grows by 10% Every Year

The natural and organic products market, which has achieved a quite wide product range in Turkey in recent years, attracts attention with two-digit growth figures for the last 10 years. Different categories of the sector like fruits-vegetables, textiles, legumes, nuts, and fruit juices are expected to grow by 15 to 35% during the next five years. In the domestic market where 90% of total production is exported, big companies continue to invest in this area. And among the top product groups that are very promising in the market is the baby food product group.

Exponatura Features Activities, Conferences and Competition

The conference titled “In search of Natural Life in the Cities” to be held alongside Exponatura, will feature special sessions related to honey and other apiculture products as part of the “Honey Year” theme. Among the other special activities to be organized as part of the exhibition are ‘Green Star Awards’ which will reward the successful projects in the sector, Exponatura Sport, Exponatura International Pavilion and Exponatura Shop as well as the “Distributor- Buyer Wanted Program” which will invite local and foreign buyer delegations in order to offer a fruitful business platform for exhibitors, distributors and buyers.

Exponatura’15 Attracted Great Attention

Exponatura’15, which featured 185 companies that showcased thousands of healthy and natural products including organic products, cosmetic personal care products and herbal treatments, was the stage for new business deals with professional buyers and saw great interest from visitors for 4 days. The exhibition, which was joined by exhibitors from 21 countries including Germany, the Netherlands, France, China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Iran, was visited by 15.324 visitors from Turkey and abroad.

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