Sector Publication


Atraksiyon Magazin is published by Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık, the organizer of ATRAX Exhibition with the goal of filling the gap for flow of information in the sector and to allow sector’s professionals to follow the developments in the industry closely.

Having become a success since the first day it was organized in Turkey and as being the first of its kind in the world, ATRAX – The Amusement-Events, Parks And Recreations Industry and Services Exhibition makes possible, the big meeting that the rapidly growing amusement and recreations industry in Turkey has been needing in recent years. Another gap in the amusement industry was discovered upon the impact of the success of ATRAX Exhibition in its first year. There was no sectorial publication that served as a news and information source in the amusement-events and parks-recreations industry. Thus, motivated by their industry-specific knowledge and experience brought about by ATRAX Exhibition itself, Tureks team decided to create a publication that would feature interviews with professionals of the sector, new product launches, latest technologies and latest news from the sector. As the eyes and ears of the industry, Atraksiyon Magazin started sharing with its readers on a regular basis, the latest news and practices from the amusement-events, parks-recreations industries in Turkey and the world.

Published in paper form until now, the Atraksiyon Magazin will now continue its way as the Atraksiyon Magazin Portal with a view to bring the most current news from the sector to its audience. In addition, the magazine will be published in paper form as Atraksiyon Magazin two times a year- before and after ATRAX Exhibition- to archive the developments and reviews regarding this unique and important meeting that brings together the stakeholders of the sector.